I have had the privilege of working with startups for global groups and the public sector over the years. These assignments have taught me to discern recurring challenges and opportunities that businesses experience today.

I have met and interviewed the company's employees at an early stage and learned how they work and what their expectations are. I have completed so-called. "Mystery shopping" where I tried to buy a service and documented all the steps and points of contact with the business.

By participating in many projects linked to digitization, it has given me the opportunity to create an overview of the emerging digital ecosystem of services and solutions in the cloud and how they can be connected in cost-effective and smart ways.

20 years of digitisation has taught me ...

  • To understand companies' business goals and solve them with the support of service design, digital platforms and personalised communication based on data and insight
  • To develop and operate programmatic marketing strategies based on brand and communication platforms that drive sales and leads
  • To understand and cure the process from idea, planning, realization, follow-up and refinement of a company's digital platform
  • To use data-driven and programmatic marketing to create a personal customer experience
  • To understand and refine the organization's needs and priorities by working with all parts of an organization (marketing department, sales, support, product development, etc.)
  • To identify and capture new opportunities in strategy, business development, digitization and marketing
  • To develop and lead successful teams and partners in a mission
  • To keep my clients up to date in the digital landscape around trends and user patterns

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