• Develop your leadership and teams' abilities in the digital journey

    I coach organisations to develop new operational governance in the cloud and reach their full digital potential



Executive coaching, team coaching or individual coaching. Central to my coaching, I work with digital leadership and support your digital collaboration skills.



Digitisation strategies. Current position measurement. Roadmaps and test beds. Continuous improvement work with the help of growth driven design sprints.



Tailor-made education for the individuals or teams in Marketing, Sales and Service Team to work customer-centric using customer journeys and content marketing.

platform agnostic

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Why we are different

What I offer

20 years of experience in digitisation

During my professional career, I have worked with digitization and transformation of organizations in a number of sectors.

From startups in an early phase to global brands with +50 markets to coordinate their marketing, service and sales work.

Sector competence:
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare / medical
  • Public
  • Energy & Telecom
  • SaaS
Support to choose the right cloud architecture

I help organisations make their move into the cloud. I can also participate as a second opinion before a decision.

  • Requirements analysis
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Capability mapping
  • Process mapping
  • Evaluation 
Driving on is internal digitisation

I work around the concept "The capable organisation" where I, with the support of digitisation and standard capabilities in cloud platforms, develop efficient work processes.

Areas of expertise:
  • Digitalisation and automation of processes
  • Cooperation within and between teams
  • Customer-centric business logic
  • Value streams driven by new digital logic
Focuses on the end user

I work with the concept "The engaged customer" where I work with strategies and solutions around the whole customer lifecycle journey and the user experiences (UX).

Areas of expertise:
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing
  • Introduction of CRM (customer care system)
  • User Experience Design
  • Omni-channel and multi-device
Support to develop a growth mindset

I have experience in developing tools and methods to get organisations and teams to work with a growth mindset.

Area of competence:
  • Facilitate Sprints
  • Coach the participants to use the growth hacker's toolbox
  • Develop prototypes for early validation
  • Schedule releases and sprints
  • Conduct continuous improvement work
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