Privacy Policy

We at Markewärn Studios are committed to being completely transparent, both in how we work and how we handle the information we collect about our visitors. Here we tell you how and why we process personal data and cookies on our website, as well as your rights and our obligations towards you, as a visitor.

Personal data manager

Markewärn Studios is responsible for the processing of personal data on this website. This means that it is our responsibility to ensure that you as a visitor:

  • Is aware of why and how we collect your personal information
  • Can make active choices to approve or deny the processing and storage of your personal data (we do not process your personal data without your approval)
  • Can update their information
  • Can be forgotten from the system and that the information we process about you is deleted
  • Can have all personal information we store about you disclosed to you
  • May request that we export your personal data when, for example, changing supplier
  • Have your personal information in safe custody with us. We do not disclose them to third parties without your being informed and expressly approving how and why this happens

Personal information and cookies

Personal information includes everything that can identify you personally; name, address, social security number, e-mail, etc. In addition to personal information, there are also cookies. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer via the browser (unless you turn off cookies) when you visit a website. Their function is to gather information about how a visitor uses a website, often to be able to offer customized content. Cookies are a bit special as the Data Inspectorate (which is based on the Data Protection Act in Sweden) has not decided whether they are included in personal data or not.

Even if cookies are not legally covered by the Data Protection Act regarding personal data, we believe that they are so important for your privacy that we treat them that way. And it is important that we store them for you! Read more below about why.

Why do we store your personal information and cookies?

Behind the website, we want to deliver a cruel experience for our visitors. We want, among other things, to be able to present tailor-made guides and in-depth information, adapted to each person who uses the site. In order for us to be able to do that, we track how visitors click around and which guides they download. This means that we can later give suggestions for further reading within the specific subject, or related areas. Tracking is done using cookies. It is of course possible to use our website without allowing us to store cookies. Then the experience will not be as personal and fantastic as it is meant to be.

If at any time you leave your e-mail address to us during your visit to the website, the cookie will be linked to your e-mail address. This means that, if you give your consent to it, we can email you suggestions for in-depth reading in the area you are interested in, in the form of, for example, guides and blog posts.

How do we handle cookies?

Cookies are tracked using trackers, for different purposes. In our case, it is only a matter of offering the visitor a tailor-made experience of our range. We use the following trackers to track and analyze cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hojtar
  • LinkedIn Insights
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Double Click
  • HubSpot

What cookies do we use?

To be able to give you a great experience, we work with HubSpot, one of the market's best systems for Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. Here you can see which cookies we use: HubSpot Cookies.

How long do we store cookies?

We only store cookies for as long as is needed for the purpose.

How to delete cookies in your browser

How you delete cookies from your browser depends on which one you use. You can find guidance via the browser's own interface, or website. Some common browsers and how to delete cookies in them (click for external link):

When do we store personal data?

Cookies are stored continuously, as long as you have approved them. Otherwise, personal data is stored when:

  • You download a guide or other file via a form on our site
  • You start a chat
  • In other ways, hand over personal information to us digitally, for example registration for training / events / seminars, via contact forms, etc.

To give / withdraw your consent

Vi börjar bara behandla dina personuppgifter och cookies efter att du godkänt hanteringen, samt syftet bakom hanteringen.

Du förhindrar vidare lagring av cookies samt radering av redan lagrade cookies via din webbläsare. Tillvägagångssättet varierar beroende på webbläsare så vi hänvisar dig till din webbläsares hjälpavsnitt för att hitta rätt väg.

För att få ladda ner våra guider måste du godkänna att vi lagrar dina uppgifter, i syfte att vi ska kunna ge dig förslag på vidare läsning inom området. Du kan när som helst av-anmäla dig från utskicken genom en länk i mailet. Du kan även uppdatera dina inställningar för utskick genom länken i mailet. Om du avregistrerar dig från vidare utskick tas dina personuppgifter bort ur vårt system. Du kan också maila mig på

To update their information

To update your personal information, you just need to email us: then we solve it.

To be forgotten

To have your information deleted from our systems and registers, report it to us at

To have your information disclosed and / or exported

To find out which personal data has been stored about you via and to possibly export it to a new supplier, you report this to us at We will then send you all information we have stored as soon as possible.

Third party information

Your personal information is secure with us. We do not sell, trade or transfer them to external parties.

Contact Us

If you have any thoughts about how and why we handle personal data & cookies, you are welcome to contact us directly at